Strategic Plan

Justice for All Network: Strategic Plan for Victory

Strategic outline:

  1. Build power to transform our nation, by the year 2030, based upon the “Eight Percent Solution” mass mobilization (30-35M), as derived from a study of 1000+ successful revolutions and reform campaigns in 160+ nations over the last century (, starting with a deep-dive study and analysis of the African American-led Civil Rights Movement of 1954 to 1968. 
  2. Work inside, but mostly outside, of legislatures; elect justice-centered populist-progressives to office and recruit JFAN partners to build massive external pressure (hard power) campaigns that are coordinated with inside allies (soft power) through systematically engaged activities: from traditional lobbying to creative pressuring to occupy to direct-action.
  3. Develop tactics aimed at decision-makers with and/or through their audiences (subordinates in their leadership team, district or state-level constituents, and, where possible, sympathetic donors) to achieve structural change at the local, state, regional, national and global levels.
  4. Identify *winnable primary and general election contests. Develop effective communication and organizing strategies that address values, identities, evocative language, stories, and policies. Convene monthly meetings of “big tent” participants for purposes of information-sharing, collaboration, and coordination.

Mission: We are committed to winning the Justice for All agenda, in solidarity with advocacy leaders and organizers and activists who fight for transformational reforms on issues of race, class, housing, health and healthcare, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equity, disability justice, education, climate change, immigration, food, water, voting, marriage, labor organizing, church-state separation, criminal justice, speech, assembly, broadband technology, information and media, campaign finance, and more. 

Vision: The United States is a just and nurturing society, a responsible citizen among and between the nations, tribes, and peoples of the world, and a dedicated steward of the earth.

Values: Life, Learning, Love, Dignity, Peace, Trust, Freedom, Responsibility, Justice, Opportunity, General Welfare/Public Commons, Nonviolence, Reason, Inclusion, Family, Equality, Community, Spirituality.


Define, challenge, and reverse structural Fascism: State-Corporatism, White Supremacism, Religious Nationalism, and all associated forms of divisiveness and distraction: bigotry, anti-democracy, classism, sexism, homophobia, imperialism, nationalism, militarism, xenophobia, cronyism, media monopoly, scapegoating, victimology, and other forms of bigotry, segregation, and divisiveness

99.9%: all power to the people

Progressive/Enlightened: Reason, Research, Reform (methodology over ideology)

Intersectional: values, vision, issues, diversity, affiliations

Mutual, mass democratic participation

Transparency, accountability, integrity Meet others where they are; break bread; us, not me