Social Justice Conference

Intergenerational Social Justice Summit, 12-3 ET, Saturday, August 27

Designed and curated by younger and older social justice activists and organization leaders, the goals of the Intergenerational Social Justice Summit include recognizing the challenges and opportunities that wrap around all of our lives; creating deeper understanding, trust, and connection across age, race, class, and gender/gender identity lines. Based on shared vision, values, and strategies, putting into motion the structure and process for building the intergenerational power to achieve Transformative Justice for All.

Panel Topics: defining our goals

1. Intergenerational Communications and Relationship Building in a Divided Society.

2. Re-Visioning Social Justice
Across All Generations and Justice Campaigns.

3. Intergenerational Strategy-Building to Win Justice for All.

4. Toward an Intergenerational Unity Statement and Dynamic Future

Mission: We are committed to winning Universal Transformative Justice, working across all generations, justice issues, demographic lines, and communications barriers. 

Vision: The United States is a fundamentally just and nurturing society, a truly responsible citizen among and between the nations, tribes, and peoples of the world, and is a faithfully dedicated steward of the earth.

Existential Hot-Button Issues: Climate Change and Fascism. We must clearly define, confront, and reverse structural Fascism, i.e., systems of State-Corporatism, White Supremacism, Religious Nationalism, and more. Simultaneously, we need a radical re-think on the strategy for tackling the Climate Change emergency .

Final note: we will have a working list of several prominent speakers and panelists that we’ll be announcing in the coming days and weeks. The faster the registration numbers pick up, the greater the likelihood we will land most, if not all, of the people on our wish-list, and that, in turn, will drive further registration.

For the Intergenerational Justice Summit organizing team of Andrea, Alex(andra), Tom, Mike, Rodney, Bob, Lynn, Peter, Caroline, Justin, Josi, Gabe and Kristin, thank you for supporting this vital organizing work,

Chuck Pennacchio,
Mike Huntington,

A link to attend this virtual event will be emailed upon RSVP

Event sponsors (so far): 

Justice for All NetworkOne Payer StatesCenter for Common GroundPeople Demanding Action 
Social Security WorksNational Jobs for All Network