Justice Summits

Why Justice Summits?

The quarterly Intergenerational Justice Summits are designed to bring justice-first people, politics, and policies into purposeful conversation, conversion, and collaboration; to build and model the cross-age, -class, -race, -gender, -ableism, -faith/non-faith, -geography, -occupation connections; and to formulate the outside-inside, ‘transformational justice for all’ winning strategy.

We have had three highly successful Intergenerational Summits:
August 27 and November 19 in 2021; February 18, 2023.

summit speakers

8/27/21 Summit

The 8/27 event highlighted the brilliance of panelists from almost every walk of life in North America, beginning with our keynoter Vicki Lowe, tribal elder in Washington State, head of Indian Health Service, and Chair of the Permanent Universal Health Care Commission. Wow! The intergenerational labor organizing convo, between a vet and a younger Amazon organizing warrior resonated profoundly with everyone.


11/19/21 Summit

The 11/19 Summit’s riveting, intergenerational exchanges on reproductive health and healthcare justice and climate emergency, mixed with musical mastery, carried the event. The civil rights discussion from an elder’s perspective will meet with a Movement for Black Lives viewpoint on 02/18/23.