IPCC Study: From Dire Warning to Radical Hope

Thanks to Mark Hertsgaard who translated the just-released (20 March 2023) scientific language-laden UN “last warning” on climate change danger here: https://coveringclimatenow.org/climate-beat-story/translating-the-ipcc-report-into-plain-english 1. Countries must now do “everything, everywhere, all at once” to limit heat-trapping emissions; 2. If we “act now” we have the solutions “to secure a livable, sustainable future for all”; 3. People are starving because of climate change, especially in poor countries throughout the Global South; 4. Global temperatures will stop rising if we slash heat-trapping emissions, starting now; 5. Global North countries and institutions must finally meet their legal obligation to provide $100 billion-plus in annual climate aid; 6. Ways must be found to remove CO2 from the atmosphere;

To which I reply: intentional and radical hospitality, hope, love and vision will prevail on the bedrock of people-to-people, progressive-populist, mass-movement, outside-inside, bottom-up, direct action, civil-disobedience, power-politics. 

We, the 99.9%, have the power over the fascist billionaire class who fund and fuel destruction, distraction and division — through state-corporatism, white nationalism, and religious nationalism. 

The good news is that we’re winning. We just don’t see it yet: the tiny ripples of justice connecting and rising; the arrogant autocrats and pompous plutocrats falling on their swords. “The revolution will not be televised, the revolution will not be televised.” (Gil Scott Heron)

Justice for all means justice for ALL.

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