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Invitation description

Designed and curated by younger and older social justice activists and organization leaders, the goals of the Intergenerational Social Justice Summit include recognizing the challenges and opportunities that wrap around all of our lives; creating deeper understanding, trust, and connection across age, race, class and gender/gender identity lines and, based on shared vision, values, and strategies, putting into motion the structure and process for building the intergenerational power to achieve Transformative Justice for All.

Listen now to the groundbreaking 8/27 Intergenerational
Justice Summit recording. 

8/27’s combination of diverse voices, compelling stories, and musical uplift has been described as “beautiful and powerful,” “brilliant and insightful,” and “to be treasured and carried forward into all of our Justice-aspirational spaces.”

The learning and growing experience will continue with our 11/19, 12-2 ET, second Summit, as we pivot from the upcoming midterm election into serious movement building mode. So save the date, spread the word, and share the recording! 

Passcode: v53CT*FX