The Justice for All Network (JFAN) was founded in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world and forced most of us to hibernate and, for those fortunate 80% of us with broadband access, to discover the magic of Zoom technology. Our Sunday Strategy Group — what one of our members called “a think tank with a heart” — quickly adopted the title Justice for All Network, to match our deep commitment to achieving universal transformational justice (UTJ). 
The group has gone through several changes in those who participate, but the constant threads that have coursed through our work are our shared vision, our shared values, and our shared mission.


We are committed to winning the Justice for All agenda, in solidarity with advocacy leaders, organizers and activists who fight for systemic, transformational change on issues of race, class, housing, health and healthcare, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equity, disability justice, education, climate change, immigration, food, water, voting, marriage, labor organizing, church-state separation, criminal justice, speech, assembly, broadband technology, information and media, campaign finance, and more. 


The United States is a just and nurturing society, a responsible citizen among and between the nations, tribes, and peoples of the world, and a dedicated steward of the earth.


Life, Learning, Love, Dignity, Peace, Trust, Freedom, Responsibility, Justice, Opportunity, General Welfare/Public Commons, Nonviolence, Reason, Inclusion, Family, Equality, Community, Spirituality.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash